23 May

Coles to focus more on online shopping

Coles is looking to drive growth in a number of areas. This includes pushing the promotion of it’s own brands as well as trying to win more customers looking to buy online. It’s online strategy includes a strong use of promotional methods such as offering customers a Coles coupon.

Coles¬†will be using a policy of less promotional pricing and more use of everyday type pricing for it’s own branded products. Both Coles and Woolworths are trying to fight off competition from international rivals such as Aldi, who are successfully taking away marketshare.

Over the next two years, Coles plan on strongly expanding their online presence. This growth will involve the creation of dozens more click and collect only sites. Click and Collect sites allow customers the convenience of ordering online and avoiding delivery costs by providing pickup points for their order.

Customers are being more internet shopping savvy and the demand for online ordering is increasing. Both Woolworths and Coles have put significant investment int his area in an attempt to be the market leaders.